Your Financial Plan

A Financial Plan As Unique As You Are

You don’t need to already have a million dollars to work with us at Financial Haus. But we do want to help you get there. All you need is the desire to take your financial situation seriously.

It doesn’t matter to us if you're single, have a 9 to 5 or run a small business, have student loans, or are renting. Where you’re at today matters less than your desires and motivation to improve and grow. That, and your understanding that a professional can, likely, help you achieve your goals faster than going it alone.

There are a number of ways your Financial Haus advisor can help you achieve your goals. The financial plan that’s created for you will be collaborative and tailored to your situation, your goals, and a realistic set of measurable expectations to help keep you motivated as you progress.

How We Work Together

1-on-1 Education & Training

When you first start working with your Financial Haus advisor, they will take you through our Financial Fitness Boot Camp. Either in-person or virtual, this time is spent both reviewing your finances and goals, but also in answering any questions you might have while educating your on various tools or terminology that might be new to you. We want to make certain you have a solid foundation on how money works so that you can continue making sound financial decisions from here on out. Because this stuff isn’t taught in schools — but we need to know it.


Analytics & Progress Tracking

Our team leverages advanced predictive forecast modeling and online tracking to analyze and report on your progress. With daily real-time updates, both you and your Financial Haus advisor will know how the plan you’ve put in-place is doing. What’s more, the AI engine can be feed different scenarios to predict and calculate how a change might affect the outcome of your goals.

Take Action Coaching

When it’s time to make a major change or purchase in your life, your Financial Haus advisor will help advise you, when possible, on the best financial steps to take. They can also recommend other trusted professional partners, such as mortgage brokers or real estate agents as an example, to help guide your decision making process. We will help you, start-to-finish, with this financial plan, helping you execute it for the best possible outcome. Areas of finance we can help with


Areas Where We Can Help You

Creating A Budget

Savings Strategy

Real Estate Cash Flow Strategies

Debt Management

Investments Review and Selection

Small Business Strategies

Insurance Review

Retirement Planning

Student Loan Planning

Portfolio Construction

Major Life Event Planning

Income Protection Planning

Tax Conscious Investment Strategies

Legacy Planning

Mortgage Savings Plan

Family Estate Planning

And Much More!