Join The Financial Haus Team

We’re Not Like Most Financial Firms

Financial Haus is a firm created by and for millennials. We believe financial planning services need to be accessible to people at a younger age, as well as to minorities and communities who’ve traditionally been underserved by the industry. We lead with our values of diversity and inclusivity and believe that, at Financial Haus, ALL are welcome.

We’ve Ditched The Suit & Tie Look

Those who are in the financial industry are often surprised to see an entire firm, like ours, where everyone is in track suits and sneakers. But this is our uniform, believe it or not. And trust us, it’s way more comfortable than a jacket and tie.

Like everything we do, how we show up to work every day is intentional. It’s how we make financial planning services more accessible and relatable to people.

We’re real people looking to genuinely help a new generation. That takes talent, knowledge, and understanding. Not a pocket square.

So, if you’re ready to stop trying to impress people with pin stripes and shiny shoes and instead start making a real difference for people (in essentially professional pajamas), let’s talk about how you might be able to join us as a Financial Haus Advisor.


Help Us Expand The Financial Haus Vision

The first Financial Haus Studio is prominently located in San Diego’s Hillcrest district; the center of activity for active millennials in the city. But San Diego is only the beginning. Our vision is to have modern, open studios in every major metro across the country. Specifically, we would love to open a studio in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Chicago, and New York. And we are looking for the right financial advisors to help make those ambitions a reality. If you’re ready to help Financial Haus expand, let’s talk.