The Financial Haus Story

Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

Financial Haus is a community where millennial and Gen-Z professionals, small business owners, minorities and POC…anyone who is looking to take their financial situation seriously can come to a modern, cool, safe place to get genuine and honest feedback about their financial situation and plan. All from people who might not look like a ‘typical’ financial planner, in an office that might not look like a ‘typical’ office for financial services. But that’s all by purposeful design.

Launched in early 2021, Financial Haus was the idea of Andrew Baker who wanted to offer financial planning services to more of his friends and family. The intention was to create a welcoming space for people who could benefit from financial planning, but who may not be expressly included at some other firms.

The first Financial Haus Studio was opened in July, 2021 in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, California where it played host to a number of financial education sessions for businesses and community members. As well as diverse social events celebrating the local community and local small businesses.

With our sights set on opening studios in other cities across the U.S., Financial Haus is just getting started bringing needed financial planning and advice to a new generation.