Who We Work With

Millennial and GenZ Professionals

Listen, the world is completely different for us than it was for our parents and grandparents. Technology, student debt, upward mobility, and housing costs have presented us with unique challenges. Financial Haus was designed to deliver modern and realistic financial advice that services you, not your grandparents.

As a professional in a modern workforce, there are a number of financial options to consider from your employer matched 401(k), possible stock options, income protection, and more. Many millennials are also focussed on home ownership, merging assets, saving for retirement, building passive income, “side-hustles” and their aging parents financial well-being.

Financial Haus was designed to help you address these financial issues and more. We know, all too well, the challenges this generation faces. We’re part of it.


Small Business Owners

We’re business owners too so we get it: your business is your baby and it takes up all of your focus most of the time. Getting a new business running and maintaining it takes a lot of work, and your personal finances can sometimes take a back seat to everything else you are working on.

We see this all the time!

And because you’re not getting a regular salary, your income tends to fluctuate month per month or quarter by quarter. That inconsistency can present problems when it comes to financial planning.

Your Financial Haus advisor can help you take a step back and get organized around your finances. We can suggest business structures that may have positive tax and/or liability protection implications. And we can help you separate your business and personal finances to make reporting easier. We will also review your insurance plans and point out any possible exposures that should be addressed.

Military Service Members

Some of our advisors at Financial Haus are also veterans or serving in the reserves. We understand how important it is to take care of those who serve because sometimes the needs of the country and your unit are placed ahead of your own. So we are here to help military members juggle their military responsibilities with their family and personal financial responsibilities.

We have tailored our services to work with you at every stage of your life and service. We can help you create a financial road map and make adjustments are your situation changes.



Financial Haus was created to serve individuals and communities most other financial firms may not be specifically set-up to work with. This includes the LGBTQ+ community and POC.

Your personal finances and situation is an important topic that must be discussed openly and transparently with your financial advisor. Our first goal at Financial Haus is to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can come as your authentic self and trust that you will be seen and heard - not judged.

No matter if it’s discussions about couples merging assets, planning for adoption, or breaking generational patterns of poverty, we aim to create the space and trust to allow you to explore these and other topics with your advisor so that they may help put a plan together to help you reach your goals.