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Free information webinar for professionals with bills. Answering the question: What would you do if you couldn't work? How one accident or illness could completely derail your financial goals, and what you can do to avert financial catastrophe.

Thursday, March 9th
12:00 Noon, PST

March 9


Noon (PST)


What If You Couldn't Work?

You see it all the time.... a GoFund Me account to pay for someone's living expenses because they got sick or injured and can't work.

Ask yourself: if you fell ill or injured, how would you pay your bills? What would happen to your financial goals, your career or business? Would you have to resort to asking people online for help?

If you think a major injury or disability can't happen to you, think again. Nearly 1 in 8 workers must face the reality becoming unable to work in their lifetime. Did you know that 78% of bankruptcies are due, in-part, to income loss, with 44% of those stemming from medical issues.

In this free information webinar, we'll look at the facts about disability insurance and dispel any inaccurate information you've been told. We'll look at this income protection tool and show how it is part of an overall defensive strategy most American's are missing.

Your Financial Coaches:


Kenza McKerrihan

With a background in competitive sports, Kenza began seeing how the world of managers and agents began taking advantage of athletes and their income. Understanding how important asset protection was for her friends, many of whom were competing professionally, she began looking for a way to help.

As a financial advisor, Kenza is committed to helping women and minorities break the financial restrictions that society places on them.


Edgar Jimenez Mora

Edgar began his financial career in a larger financial institution and realized that most people need large sums of cash to even begin discussing business. On the ground floor, he had conversations with everyday people and professionals who felt overwhelmed and locked out of the financial system - there had to be a better way.

Today he educates clients on financial strategies, and helps them implement the best possible options for their unique situations.

Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

We're Financial Haus, a community where millennial and Gen-Z professionals, small business owners, minorities and POC… anyone who is looking to take their financial situation seriously, can come to a modern, cool, safe place to get genuine and honest feedback about their financial situation and plan. All from people who might not look like a ‘typical’ financial planner, in an office that might not look like a ‘typical’ office for financial services. But that’s all by design.

We're like personal trainers for your money.

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